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Family History

Almost 50 years ago my parents moved here from Massachusetts for a better life. The taxes in Massachusetts were becoming overwhelming and a single "Blue Collar" wage earner wasn't good enough to be able to make ends meet. It was bad enough the states nickname was "Taxachusettts". My dad knew that the future for him wasn't on the East Coast.

Wyoming, Albany County specifically, afforded my parents an opportunity they did not have back on the East Coast. Our family made the cross-country trek to Wyoming and my father Klaus Sr. welcomed the opportunity his new job as the Service Manager at the local VW dealership provided. YES, we actually had a VW dealership in Laramie back in the Seventies. My father eventually left the dealership and opened his own auto repair business, I guess the "nut" doesn't fall too far from the tree. 

I have already mentioned that I grew up here, raised a family, opened two businesses together with my wife Lisa by my side. I have seen many businesses come and go, Albany County is not always easy, it takes dedication and hard work, luck and sometimes that may not be enough. 

I would like to put my work ethic to work for you, the residents of Albany County 



Personal Interests 

My wife and I love living in Albany County, we are quite blessed to have the many recreational opportunities we have close by. I enjoy camping, fishing, hiking and long motorcycle rides thru the mountains and canyons in Albany County. In the winter, I enjoy downhill skiing, especially enjoy going fast, moguls and tree skiing.

I am also an avid Scuba Diver with a Rescue Diver certification from PADI since 2007. The diving around here is a bit on the chilly side. I have dived many mountain lakes in the mountain west and for example, in July 2007 when I was doing my Rescue Diving certification at Horsetooth Reservoir it was 46 degrees, 18 feet down. I soon discovered that I prefer the temperatures in the Caribbean and the Florida Keys.

 One other athletic activity I really enjoy is fitness. I try to exercise every day, mostly weight training with dumbbells and kettlebells, mix in some cardio (snow shoveling in the winter) and sometimes yoga. I prefer to exercise in the morning, cause after that, the rest of the day should not be as difficult, right?


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