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I have been very vocal over the last decade in what I believe in and what I would like to do if ever I was to get elected. There are many videos, newspaper articles, League of Woman Voters forums, PVA meetings, etc...  My views are consistent, and I don't change views in order to appease any party or the prevailing winds of politics. If you google my name, you will find more info than you probably want to know about me. 



My main goal, if I achieve nothing else, is to protect our aquifer and the quality of our drinking water. Laramie has 85% of the county residents, and my concern is not if, but when we exceed federal DEQ safe drinking standards. We are at 80% of the maximum allowable standard for nitrates already at some well heads when tested.  In one of the reports I read, one wellhead was almost double the federal standard allowable.

We need to act now. It will be cheaper, but still expensive to be proactive versus being reactive after the fact. It will cost many millions more (double according to one study) to be reactive to a contamination of the aquifer. The cost of a water treatment plant to address the issue was estimated back in 2008 to be at least 30 million, I am sure it is significantly more now. The same report in 2008 also stated that to connect the east side of town to city sewer and water would be another 30 million, I am sure that would also cost significantly more now.

I will make it my priority to proactively seek state and federal funds to address the issue before a contamination of the aquifer occurs. If we do not do this now, we face the real possibility of contamination, and the taxpayers might be saddled with the bill. I want a county government that leads and gets ahead of the issues

 I have many things that I would like to accomplish besides aquifer protection. I believe water should be protected through the whole county; it is a quality-of-life issue. Nothing else will matter if we become the Flint, Michigan of Wyoming. To be fair, the current County Commission unlike the previous County Commission led by than Chairman Terri Jones has worked with the city on expanding the APOZ (Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone) and strengthening CAPP (Casper Aquifer Protection Plan). We must be vigilant and continue this trend and I want to be a strong and loud voice for clean water.

Renewable Energy/Economic Development

I would love to help make Albany County the renewable energy leader of Wyoming. I believe the economic downturn will provide an opportunity to attract these kinds of businesses to our county. We should, during the downturn, try to attract these businesses that provide above minimum wage jobs. If we are open to economic expansion that grows the county, we will attract even more diverse businesses to our area. We do not have the luxury to wait. The time for action is now! 

Thanks to the state legislature's continued pandering to the extraction/fossil fuel industries, our state is in a fiscal nightmare. The state will not have mineral royalties to disperse to the counties to help support local budgets. They will continue to raid the "rainy day fund" until there is nothing left in order to just barely keep the state & local governments afloat. Add in the closing of local businesses & the loss of sales tax revenue due to the pandemic and we are in a dire predicament. The options are not pleasant, if we do not find new sources of revenue there will be no choice but to make some very painful cuts to local & state budgets.


Agriculture Support

This topic is a no brainer. Agriculture is extremely important to Albany County and is a major economic driver in the county. The County Commission should do what it can to support agriculture in Albany County.

I have had the pleasure to know many ranchers over the years, their dedication to their families, land, livestock, work ethic and love of the county is truly impressive. This community should not only have our respect but continued support wherever and whenever possible.



This is my low hanging fruit of my main issues. Living on Snowy Range Road, I have seen an explosion of campers, atv's, boats, etc., heading to our mountains and I know this causes some consternation for some of our residents. I look at it from a different perspective, I think of all the money they spend in our county and the sales tax revenue it generates. I believe with the correct social media advertising we can even increase the impact this has on our local economy.



The above issues are very important to me, and I hope they are to you also. Having said that, the most important issue for me currently is what your concerns are. I have had the pleasure of owning a business for a long time and having previously run for County Commissioner has allowed me the opportunity to talk to many of you about local issues. I will if elected be working for you, so your concerns will be very important to me. I will not promise to fix every problem that you have with the county, but I will promise to do the best I can for the county's greater good. 

If you have made it this far, thank you very, very, much for the time you have spent on my website. I would greatly appreciate your input about county concerns and of course, your vote. Currently you can reach me at,, or 307-399-5026.


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