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Thank you for visiting my website, my name is Klaus Halbsgut, and I am running to be your next Albany County Commissioner. I personally believe all elected County officials should be elected for their positions and what they will do for the greater good of all county residents. County officials are elected to work and represent all county residents, regardless of what party affiliation they may represent.


I am not a career politician, an employee of UW, the county, or city. I will bring no bias in favor of UW, county, city, nor do I have any self-serving financial or business interests that I want to promote as a County Commissioner. This allows me to truly represent all of the residents of Albany County.


I have lived in Albany County most of my life. I went to school here, raised a family here, my grandkids go to school here, my wife and I are both longtime small business owners and like you, we know what hardships and ups and down living at 7000’ can bring. As someone starting my fourth decade in business here in Albany County, I have struggled thru the hard economic times over the decades and made the tough decisions when necessary to succeed and keep the doors open. I hope to bring that experience, knowledge, and drive to the County Commission.


I am hard working, determined, pragmatic, curious and persistent among many other attributes. I would like to put these traits to work for you during these challenging times, and with your help and vote, I believe together the future for Albany County looks promising.


You can email me at or,, or you can call/text me at 307-399-5026. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to earn your vote.


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